Meet The Designer




I have a Bachelor of Interior Design and over 8 years of experience working in Canada’s biggest and busiest city. I love renovations, house flips, and all things involving interiors. I love the challenge of a new job, looking at an empty or full space and envisioning what it could evolve into is instinctual for me. It fascinates me how the layout of a house can ultimately impact the flow and feelings of someone's daily life or how a piece of art can offer hope and sentiment. I value the impact my work creates and how much it means to a person to live in a space that they love.

I strive to make lasting impressions through my timeless and innovative designs. I want every person I work with to feel like they are understood; I want them to enter their homes and spaces and feel a real connection to the pieces, textures, colours and finishes that surround them. We all have a story to tell and I get the honor of telling those stories in an abstract way through my designs.

Other than my obvious love for design and interiors, I have a passion for animals, gardening, women’s empowerment, environmental awareness and fashion. I prefer moody raining days, finding beauty in imperfections and random acts of kindness. When im not in my studio designing you can find me in the mountains with my family, listening to Taylor Swift.

I cant wait to get to know you and all the things you love!